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Giá: Yêu cầu báo giá

Hàng có sẵn: 500
Model: TICT iS0°Tag
Xuất sứ:
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WHO PQS Pre-qualified model available.

‘Tick’/’Cross’ display shows temperature exposure below freezing point.

Collect daily minimum/maximum temperature statistics for up to 3 years.

Logged, time stamped recordings before & after alarm event.


The LogTag® TICT iS0°Tag® is a tamper-proof electronic indicator which shows if the temperature has been at or below freezing point (0°C or 32°F) for 60 minutes or more.

While the temperature remains above freezing point, the display shows a tick symbol. If the temperature drops below freezing point for 60 minutes or more, the display shows a cross symbol, which cannot be reset or deleted.

The TICT iS0°Tag® can be used to monitor the temperature of any freeze-sensitive product such as vaccine, food, or specialty chemicals for up to 3 years.

Statistical data can be downloaded using a dedicated LogTag® Interface Cradle and freely available LogTag® Analyzer software.


Product Model

TICT iS0°Tag®.

Sensor Measurement Range

-25°C to +60°C (-13°F to +140°F).

Operating Temperature Range

-25°C to +60°C (-13°F to +140°F).

Storage Temperature Range

0°C to +60°C (32°F to +140°F).

Rated Temperature Reading Accuracy

Better than ±0.5°C for -10°C to +25°C.
Better than ±1.0°C for -25°C to -10°C
Better than ±1.0°C for +25°C to +60°C.
Actual performance is typically much better than the rated values. Please see the Rated Absolute Accuracy chart below.
Accuracy figures can be improved by recalibration.

Rated Temperature Reading Resolution

0.1°C for -25°C to +60°C.
LogTag Analyzer
® currently displays to one decimal place of °C or °F. The native resolution is what is stored in the LogTag®.

Sensor Reaction Time

Typically less than 7 minutes (T90) in moving air (1m/s).

Recording Capacity

Minimum & Maximum temperature for each of the 1096 days
Duration of excursion beyond alarm limits for each day
Up to 270 recorded real time temperature values each before and after the alarm has triggered.

Sampling Interval

Factory set from 5 to 15 minutes, typically set to 5 minutes.

Logging Modes

1096 day statistics with temperature/time excursions and a mark entry.
540 real time readings.

Logging Start Options

Push button start. Factory configuration, typically set to 60 minutes.

Recording Indication

One low and one high alarm, indicated on the display.



Power Source

3V Li-Mg Battery.

Battery Life

Minimum storage life of 18 months before ‘start’.
Monitoring period: 1096 days (includes storage time).

Real Time Clock

Built-in real time clock.
Rated accuracy ±25ppm @ 25°C (equivalent to 2.5 seconds/day).
Rated temperature coefficient is -0.034 ±0.006ppm/°C (I.e typically +/- 0.00294 seconds/day/°C).


71.5mm(W) x 33.0mm(H) x 8.6mm(T).



Case Material